Youth for Sustainable Change


Project Title: Youth for Sustainable Change

Donor: Soin Network

Project Duration: 09.09.2022 - 03.10.2022

Grant Amount: 500 EUR

Project Summary

Young people currently lack access to reliable sources of information on sustainability policy, as well as basic knowledge such as how to live environmentally friendly, adapt to climate change, and be responsible consumers. RSDI already has some experience collaborating with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in terms of arranging a series of public lectures about sustainable development. 

The goal of the project is to spread information about Sustainable Development among universities and show students' interest in the SDGs. Therefore, the main audience is deans and professors of the universities, students, and all stakeholders who are decision-makers at universities.

Project Objectives

  • Recording videos of students, green activists, environmental specialists, entrepreneurs, and scholars discussing the importance of sustainable change from their unique perspectives
  • Disseminating the recorded clips and other materials to raise awareness about sustainable development and its introduction in the higher education curriculums
  • Publishing articles on the proposed campaign and environmental challenges via online media