Fellowship - Youth for Building Sustainable Communities


As a follow-up to the Summer School held on August 19-22, RSDI with partner organizations from Visegrad countries selected and hosted five fellows.

Georgian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian participants took part in the fellowship program and were mentored by experienced specialists from RSDI and our partner organizations to produce high-quality analytical articles. The fellowship is a key component of the project "Experience Exchange among V4 and Georgian Youth for Building Sustainable Communities" in the scope of which these analytical works were developed and compiled into the document attached below.  An in-depth exploration of sustainable development challenges in their respective cities, culminating in the preparation of analytical articles. Now, they are ready to present their innovative ideas to the audience.

The document features the following analytical articles:

  • Sagarejo's Path from Desertification to Sustainable Land Management and Renewable Energy Transformation By Dea Bakashvili
  • The Vistula riverside: the unfulfilled potential of Toruń’s blue space by Joanna Koter
  • Sustainable Development Challenge In The City Trnava By Sabina Rýzková
  • Cans recycling in City Olomouc by Martina Kyselá
  • Energy prospects in Hungary by Dorottya Mészáros

The project is funded by the Visegrad International Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to encourage sustainable regional ideas in Central Europe.

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