Social Entrepreneurs are Gaining Ground in Tourism


In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards responsible travel, where tourists seek to support and strengthen the host communities they visit. This concept of socially responsible travel connects tourism with social entrepreneurship. Travelers are interested in understanding the traditions, lifestyles, and customs of the places they visit, and social enterprises provide a unique opportunity to do so. These enterprises aim to address public challenges and often revive cultural heritage through traditional crafts, producing authentic products. The money spent by travelers in social enterprises is used to promote and support vulnerable groups, making them a significant force for positive change in the local community.

The integration of social enterprises into the tourism industry has proven successful in many countries. By incorporating social enterprises into travel programs, travel agencies can attract a growing number of responsible travelers who are seeking unique experiences and are willing to support local communities. This collaboration benefits both parties, as social enterprises receive more funding to fulfill their social missions, while travel programs become more diverse and enriched with traditional elements. In Georgia, the cooperation between the non-governmental sector, the tourism industry, and social entrepreneurs has been facilitated through a joint project called "Social Entrepreneurs for Tourism - SET." The project aims to improve tourism service packages offered by social enterprises and provide detailed information about their tourism potential in a catalog available on their website.

Overall, the integration of social entrepreneurship into the tourism sector has the potential to make Georgian tourism more attractive to responsible travelers, fostering sustainable and community-focused travel experiences.

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